Management of the Institute

The management of the institute is vested with an Executive Council consisting of 15 (fifteen) members, elected by the members in an annual general meeting. The principal officers of the Council are the Chairman, (who is the head of the institute), President, First Vice President, Second Vice President and Treasurer, each of whom are also elected by the members in the annual general meeting. The current office bearers of the Institute are as mentioned below:

Name                                                                          Designation

Zakir Hossain                                                                     Chairman

Zahidur Rahman                                                               President

Naba Krishna Muni                                                          1st Vice President

Dr. Syed Ferhat Anwar                                                    2nd Vice President

ASM Shaykhul Islam                                                        Treasurer

Management Sub-Committees 

in order to ensure management governance of the institute, three Sub-Committees need to be formed during the tenure of the EC and the members of these Sub-Committees are independent bodies directly accountable to the general members and as such, these Sub-Committees shall be elected by the general members in the annual general meeting of the institutes. Names of the Sub-Committees are as mentioned below:

1.Professional Development Sub-Committee

2.Finance & Internal Audit Sub-Committee

3.Disciplinary and Arbitration Sub-Committee

CMC Assessment and Certification Committee

IMCB EC forms CMC Assessment and Certification Committee time to time that comprises of senior CMC members of the institute with at lest 20 years of professional experience in teaching, research and/or management consulting service. CMC A&C Committee awards CMC designation following ICMCI standards as adopted by the national institute i.e. IMCB.

Three Members Elected Sub-Committee:

a.Professional Development Sub-Committee:


b.Finance and internal Audit Sub-Committee:


c.Arbitration Sub-Committee:


International Affiliation and Network of Professionals

The IMCB is a member of the apex management consulting body in the world – the International Council of Management Consulting Institutes (ICMCI). Through ICMCl, IMCB has established links around the world, which provides members with an international network of professionals with similar standards and goals. There are over 47 (forty seven) member Institutes of the ICMCl.

Membership of the ICMCl allows reciprocity of benefits with each member country without the need for further assessment or examination, offering distinct benefits to those members who travel in their job. This is particularly relevant for those who wish to practice in countries where the management consulting industry is regulated, such as, North America and Europe. The particulars of IMCB members are posted in its web site (, which is linked with the web site of ICMCI

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